Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Patrick has the swine flu. We have been infected by the dreaded H1N1. I don't really have the energy right now to wrap my head around contagious viruses that could put my 4-month old in the hospital if he contracts it. I have instructed Patrick to:

1. Only touch the children on the back if he absolutely needs to
2. When he coughs in his shirt, take it off and throw it in the laundry
3. Use hand sanitizer ALL THE TIME
4. Don't breathe on me or the children

Since I found out at 10am, I have stripped the beds, made the bed downstairs for him to use, made our bed, lysoled all the door knobs, wiped down the couch with soap and water, cleaned off the computer, and made a new gallon of gatorade for him to drink. And I fed the baby, the kids, the hubs and myself. Now, I'm hoping to get some rest. I've been sleep deprived lately and have a small amount of energy right now...and I don't think coffee will give me the pick-me-up it usually does. But, with 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, at least 3 more in the works, I need the rest to tackle this monster.

I have to praise God for giving me grace, though. I've learned through experience that walking by the Spirit and letting Him produce the fruit of love, patience, gentleness and the like, peace will follow naturally. And it's peace that I desire.

Lord, I submit. Please take over.

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Courtney said...

I pray for peace a lot, too. I'm scared to pray for patience... Hang in there!