Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trying to stay afloat...and making it by the skin of my chinny chin chin

Sometimes I feel so bogged down by what I need to do and want to do that I feel I have no free time to just do whatever. My blog has been classified in the "whatever" column these days and it's a shame because I greatly enjoy looking back over my past posts and reminiscing about the "good ol' days" of yester-year. But, it's a time-thing these days. When I'm on the computer, I usually am feeding a baby making it pretty difficult to type or I only have a few quick minutes to jot something down briefly, which Facebook is a great tool for. I still read a lot of blogs, but mine is getting the cold shoulder.

Anyway, my house is true disarray right now and I'm finally sitting down for lunch at 2:30 pm while all 3 kids are napping (score!). I'd rather be in bed...which I might do in a sec. I just wanted to say hello to those who MAY be reading...sorry it's taking me so long in between the posts. I'm a bit busy.


mommytodd said...

Hello. Still here and still checking for posts if that is any encouragement.

Courtney said...

Oh my...3 kids napping at the same time!!! You deserve some sort of award. I'm very impressed. I so understand the blog thing. I've stopped apologizing to mine. It is what it is. Hang in there!!