Friday, April 27, 2007

Mallory's Birthday Party!

On Saturday of last week, we had Mallory's 1st birthday party at Willow Springs Park here in Johnson City. Gram and Pops came and so did Grandma. We had 5 other little kids from Mallory's playgroup come, along with their parents, in addition to our dear friends, Josh and Rosanna, who the Lord has TRULY blessed us with!

I had a fun time planning her party and watching the little kids arrive with their mommies and daddies in honor of my daughter's birthday. I know she's not going to really remember the day, but it was absolutely perfect. We had a bright sunny day - the first after a series of very cold days - the kids were anxious to be out and playing.

Thanks to my family for helping me with such a special event. We had such great memories that we'll treasure always!

Willow Springs Picnic Shelter

Mallory on the slide with Grandma

Party Favors (Sandbox toys)

Birthday Cake (Yummy!!!)

Mallory enjoying her birthday cake

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