Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on our house!

I haven't posted too much on our new house lately, mainly because I haven't had the chance! But, we are closing next Friday, May 4th, on our new house! Though we'll be in Washington County TN (our current county), we'll be leaving the Johnson City limits and moving to a smaller town called Gray, where taxes are lower and life moves a tad slower. Patrick will shave off about 15 minutes from his commute up to Kingsport, which we're thankful for.

The house we're purchasing is 4BD 3 BA, where one BD, BA and Den are in the basement. We have pretty mountain views, though we're PRAYING that the new construction being built behind us won't obstruct them! We don't think it will, but there's always the possibility! Our living room is really big and our Master BD is just heavenly! My kitchen has beautiful 42" cabinets with granite countertops. I haven't seen the countertops yet installed, but that will be tomorrow at our final walkthrough!!! We'll have PLENTY of space for visitors, so I hope that you plan on coming up to see us!!!

We have to be out of our rental on May 14, so we have 10 days to have all our stuff moved. Our movers will come on Thurs, May 10th (the day before my b-day!!!), so it will be fun to wake up on my 29th b-day in my new house. FUN FUN!!!

I'll post some pics tomorrow after our walkthrough. All the pics I have now are of unfinished sections of the house and it would be better to show you all the final products...

Please pray for us over the next few weeks as we'll be dealing with closing, packing, moving, travel (Patrick's back in FL May 6-9!!!), painting, lack of rest, etc. The Lord will give us strength to do all things!


CourtneyBI said...

Glad to see ya back! I look forward to seeing pics of your house. Good luck with the walkthrough today. I know it's such a crazy time but very exciting!! Luv ya...

Beth said...

Hey Melanie,
I've missed you! Congratulations on the house. I really want to come and visit you and hope we can do that sometime this summer or fall. We'll be making trips to bad you're not closer to Chattanooga!

Mallory looks so cute in all the pictures you've posted lately. She's really growing up. Sounds like her birthday was a lot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of our house. It sounds wonderful.

Love you all,