Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well, I'm home for the night and Patrick is resting well at the hospital. He does have a temp (100.8), but the nurse didn't seem concerned because he's doing so well. We don't know what time he'll be discharged tomorrow morning because (a) it's Sunday and the doctor's don't have normal rounds and (b) it's Father's Day and they may be in early or late. I hope it's early!

Anyway, we're all very tired, but thankful all has gone well today despite my hubby's surgery. Keep praying.


Thanks to those who have called and written emails! It's been so nice to hear your words of encouragement.

Patrick was out of surgery by 9am and I saw him around 10:30 after he got back to his room. The doctors plan to keep him overnight to monitor him and pump him up with antibiotic to avoid infection. He's doing very well and is hungry; he'd LOVE to have a Pals (a GREAT hamburger joint up here that quickly became his favorite).

My mom arrived about 7:45 this morning and has been with Mallory all morning. I was even able to get another good hour and a half of sleep and I feel like a new woman! We'll be heading back down to the hospital in a few minutes with Mallory so her Daddy can see her.

All is well; I think the shock of this whole think just drained us emotionally and are VERY thankful for God's sovereign grace in all the events that occured up to this point. He knew we could handle this, but only with his strength are we soaring on wings of eagles. Continue to pray. And I'll continue to update when I can.



Patrick will be having his appendectomy surgery at 8:00am. I talked to him about 20 minutes ago and he sounded good; I just wish I could be there with him! He should be in surgery for about an hour and then in recovery around 9:00am. He should be in recovery for about 4 hours, then he'll possibly be released, based on how he's doing. His surgery is laparoscopic, which requires a few small incisions and then a laser will zap out his appendix (at least THAT sounds cool...) I'm so glad he'll be at home rather than doing another overnight stay.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm doing pretty well considering I've slept for an hour and a half! My mom should be here around 8, which is when I'll head to the hospital. Patrick's folks will be coming up later this afternoon, too. We should have a full house and we thank the Lord for providing us a home that will accommodate several comfortably.


We had to take Patrick to the emergency room around 11:30 pm and found out around 3am that he has appendicitis. He'll be having an appendectomy later on this morning. The surgery isn't scheduled yet. It's not classified as "Emergency" because his appendix is not yet severely inflamed. I'm at home now, hoping to get a few hours rest before heading back down to the hospital to be with my husband.

  • Please keep him in your prayers. He's had a tough 4 weeks at work and we were planning on vacationing next week for some mental relief. Our plans may change due to his recovery.
  • Pray for the surgeons, too. Please keep me in your prayers. I need my rest to care for my hubby, my born baby, and my unborn baby.
  • Please keep Mallory in your prayers. She's been really fussy lately (most likely due to teething), so please pray that she'll feel better and have patience with her mommy while her daddy is recovering.
  • Please keep our extended family in your prayers. I know his parents will be worried and my mom is traveling up to help me with the baby as we speak. Pray that she'll drive safe.

I'll keep you updated as I know more information from the doctors.


Shawnda said...

Oh wow!!! Praising the Lord for protection from what could have been an emergency!!! Keep us updated!! And hope he heals quickly from the surgery!!! AND SO thankful the parents can come in to help - SWEET GIFT!!!!

Kelly said...

Hang in there Melanie!! We'll be praying for you.

Keep us updated...and I hope you get more rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

So glad Patrick is doing well and out of surgery. Congrats also on the new little boy. I hope you are able to get some rest now that fam. is in to help! Praying for you...Lord Bless!