Monday, June 18, 2007

Provision and Sustenance

Thanks to the Lord's grace and mercy, Patrick was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon around noon. We weren't sure when the surgeon was going to make his rounds on a Sunday (let alone Father's Day!), but he was there at a decent time and had nothing but good things to say about Patrick's progress. My mom and I brought Mallory by earlier in the morning to wish her daddy a Happy Father's Day, and she was definitely a bright spot on the hospital floor.

Patrick and I had lunch at Fuddruckers (his choice!) where he had his first meal since Friday! We filled his prescription and headed home for some much-needed rest. We ALL slept for at least 2 hours, except for Mallory who slept an extra hour and a half! I grilled some chicken and tenderloins for his Father's Day dinner, which Patrick seemed to enjoy. He felt so much better in his own environment, but had a difficult time avoiding the urge to pick up his daughter (he's not supposed to lift anything over 10 lbs for the next 2 weeks).

He had a fever last night and this morning, but that has since went away. I drove him into the office for a brief "hand off of patients" to the 2 other PTs that have been on vacation for 4 weeks (and that's why Patrick has been so crazy busy for the last month!). What a welcome back they had! Patrick is working remotely today around the time when he's resting. He's taking the remainder of the week off.

Our original plan for this week was to head down to Atlanta today for some business meetings Patrick had scheduled for tomorrow and Wed, but he decided it would be best if we did not leave today, which makes perfect sense. We had made a reservation for a hotel in Buckhead for Wed and Thurs night, which we still might keep depending on how he feels tomorrow and Wed morning. If he still doesn't feel up to travelling, we (or I) will head down to my parents house to pick up Mallory...

Well, Mallory went home with Grandma today. Since our plans included a babysitter for Mallory over the next 4 days, we decided to keep that plan, which allows us more time to rest and Grandma and Grandpa to have some quality time with their granddaughter. Though we both miss her SO MUCH, it has been REALLY nice to piddle around my house without keeping my ears peeled for my busy little girl, who loves to run from one end of the house to the other opening cabinets in the bathrooms and playing in the toilet bowls (if they're not shut!). Anyway, we're still going to play the remainder of the week by ear, but we're in a state right now where flexibility is required and easy to handle.

I've been very thankful over the past few days...well, past MONTH, really...that God never fails his children! I'm going to close this post with a list of ways God has fulfilled his promise to provide for and sustain us:
  1. God gave Patrick the strength to complete 4 weeks of 12-15 hour days, while keeping a good attitude the majority of the time
  2. God gave me the strength to chase around our busy toddler without the presence of my husband for the last 4 weeks while recovering from my abdominal pain that confined me to my bed a month ago
  3. God held off the appendicitis until this past Friday, which was Patrick's last day of covering PT by himself at work AND before a week that did not require his services at the office
  4. Since my parents had already planned to watch Mallory, it was a little easier for them to arrange their schedule for my mom to drive up here (at 4 in the morning!!!) to help me. I have a dad who was willing to cover my mom's shifts at their restaurant AND his shifts AND work on Father's Day so that I could have my mom with me. I have a mom who sacrificially did all of my laundry and humbled herself to Patrick and I to meet whatever needs we had while he was in the hospital. What provision for us, through them, from the Lord!
  5. I have in-laws who were so concerned about us that they prayed continually for us this weekend and sacrificially stayed home away from their son so that it wouldn't be more stressful for us to have 2 more visitors, though they would have been more that welcome. I know it was very hard for them to stay put, but they thought of us before themselves. What a blessing for us to have two sets of parents like ours!
  6. God has provided us with a beautiful daughter who was PERFECT at the ER for 4 hours in the middle of the night. She was a gem! She's rolled with all the craziness of these past few days and we're so thankful for a little girl who just takes everything in stride. What a provision!

We have so much to be thankful for and appreciate all your prayers and encouragement over the last few days. You are a blessing to us!


Shawnda said...

SO glad to hear that Patrick is home, had his first meal, and is doing well!!!!! And what a GREAT gift from the Lord for Mallory to get to be with her grandparents right now while you and Patrick focus on Patrick's healing!!! He had that ALL planned out!

Wish we could bring ya'll a meal or something!

Thankful for God's grace with you!

Beth said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! So glad that Patrick's feeling better and that you have some days to enjoy being together while Mallory enjoys Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks for sharing all the blessings of this past week. God is good.

I loved seeing the pictures of you, Melanie, and seeing evidence on your new little one on the way!

CourtneyBI said...

Hi there. I'm glad you guys are safe and at home. It sounds like things could have been a lot worse but they weren't. Thank God! I do hope you can enjoy the time you have together this week without your little girl. I know you guys miss her horribly but I'm sure she is loving it up at grandma's and you guys NEED little breaks now and then, right?! Take care...

Oh, and you look great! Look at that cute belly... :)

Stacey said...

your attitude and thanksgiving is very encouraging to me! God does bless even in the midst of these crazy times!!

Kelly said...

I am so glad everything worked out OK. Praise the Lord for His grace, and for helping you be thankful in the midst of it!

Love you guys!