Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Ethan were a Dairy Product

he'd be Heavy Whipping Cream.

He gets this classification not just because I'm SQUEEZING him into size 5 diapers. And it's not just because he's wearing 18 month clothes. And it's not just because he drinks over a quart of breastmilk a day. And it's not just because he weighs almost 24 lbs. And it's not just because Patrick bought 400lb. chains for Ethan's swing set.

It's all of these things.

You know, that little carton of Heavy Whipping Cream contains 32 servings at 5 grams of fat a serving, which means its like 1.5 million grams of fat. And almost a whole carton of that stuff makes enough whip cream for the banana pudding that we'll be having tonight. I'll have Mallory eat an extra helping. Because she's skim milk.


Courtney said...

Look at those rolls! How much does he weigh now? He must have MD beat because he's still in sz. 4 diapers. Did you get your clothes in the mail? Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Ethan is perfect and I loved the banana pudding! Mallory looks great and is a bundle of energy!Doggie better be ready for the next few weeks. I wish I had someone like him to hold and squeeze and keep me safe at night...wait a minute...I need to get home to your father! Love ya...Mom