Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's the end of an era...or shall I say the beginning of the rest of my life.

So long twenties. Hello thirties.

As of Mother's Day (May11), I entered a new decade of life, leaving an old one behind. Many people say it's depressing to be 30, and though I don't necessarily say I'm "depressed", I'm sad to think that my 20s are over. My 20s were good. Very good. So many drastic changes happened in my 20s...

- I graduated from college (University of Georgia w/ a degree in Management Information Systems)
- I moved to Charlotte, NC and got my first "real job"
- I bought my first home
- I got married
- I witnessed A LOT of my friends getting married
- I birthed my first child
- I moved to TN
- We bought our second home
- I birthed my second child

And those are just the major things. Patrick and I were talking about what are the "major" life events that would happen in our thirties and we both agreed that the milestones will probably now happen mostly with our children (going to school for the first time, playing sports, etc). It's exciting to turn over this new leaf, but I'm sad to say good bye to the old leaf; the one that was started out green in college and began to turn colors in Charlotte, getting more vibrant as a husband and child entered my life, and gradually matured into it's beautiful brown as we headed to TN and baby #2 arrived. That leaf is now off the tree. And a new one is developing. I wonder what this leaf will look like? Only the Creator of the leaf will now. I hope that the beauty of this life I have will please Him.

So, I'm 30. My mom's baby is 30. My children's mother is 30. My husband's wife is 30. I hope that in my 40's, I'll look back on my 30s as fondly as I look at my 20s now, but more than that, I hope that my relationship with Jesus is far better then than it was in my 20s.


Eric McCarty said...

It's all downhill after you leave the University of Georgia. Just try to keep your head up. :)

Mel H. said...

Happy Birthday, Mel. My big 3-0 is just around the corner and I feel the same way as you..."they" say that your thirties are the best years of your life...enjoy everyday of it!

Justmatt said...

Happy Birthday! Remember - 30s are the new 20s! ; )

Courtney said...

Being 30 is really no big deal! Maybe it's because I had just had a kid, but day just came and went. Well, of course, with a great party but nothing felt different being 30. In fact, I really still feel like 27. Who knows why. Enjoy!!

Kristin said...

Happy 30th Birthday!! I have to say that I don't miss my 20's at all. I LOVE being in my 30's. I am even looking forward to my (gasp) 40's. Justmatt is right...30's are the new 20's. So embrace this new decade of life!

Nicole said...

Happy birthday! I always forget you are so "young"!! Being 30 really hasn't felt much different to me. The thing that makes me feel different is having children...not my age. :-)

Joy said...

Nicole is right. Having a 7 year old makes me feel a little old.

Happy Birthday, Mel!

Shannon said...

Neener neener neener...you're older than meeeeee! You're older than meeeee! lol

Happy Belated Birthday!

I think your 30s will bring about four more children...what do you think?

Eric McCarty said...

Sorry to hear that Mallory has been ill. We're praying for her. On the Picasa thing. I use www.flickr.com. It's the best all the way around--the only thing Yahoo has going for it.