Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A product of the '70s

Well, I have some time, so I'm going to make as many posts as I can while the kiddos are sleeping.

Here are some pics/video that I took of E while we had some mommy/son time a few days ago. He's so much fun to play with now; he smiles all the time, talks his talk, discovers his hands and feet, and recognizes favorite toys and animals. He's starting to sit up on his own and rolls over like a champ. But of all these, I think that his biggest accomplishment is being officially heavier than Mallory. He's a biggun'.

Now, if you're looking at his outfit saying "Gosh, Mel, did you go out in public with him in THAT outfit??? It looks so old fashioned!". Well, no, I did not go out in public with him in that outfit. And I probably won't because it IS so old fashioned. BUT, it was Patrick's when he was a baby. Well, Patrick was more like a toddler when he wore this romper, since it's an 18 month outfit and Patrick was small for a baby. And the words "Ethan" and "small" should NOT be in the same sentence. Anyway, this post is for Gram. I am putting E in some of Patrick's clothes...while we're at home. :-)

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