Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Heart Garage Sales

I went garage sale-ing on Saturday and racked up on some great toys for the kids, the prize being a practically new play kitchen for $18. A man was manning the garage sale and told me that they had bought it for their sons, who had out-grown it. I was shocked when he told me he wanted $18 for it; I would've paid more than that for it because it was in excellent condition. I bullied another prospective buyer out of the kitchen and swiped it up to put in my car almost immediately after I arrived on the scene. Anyway, I was so excited!

We gave it to Mallory on Sunday night after I spent about an hour disinfecting it, eventhough it looked pristine. Though Mallory didn't jump for joy or go crazy, she was VERY excited to get it. She's spent quite a bit of time putting all the food in the microwave and even hiding her animals in the fridge and dishwasher. And lemme tell ya, she can whip up a mean pot of peas.


Jerry said...

Tell her she needs to cook me some lunch this coming Sunday after church!

Courtney said...

Very cool! And, I'm jealous. I really want a kitchen for MD. Donnie found a McDonalds drive-thru kitchen thing in the walk-in trash in our neighborhood (I know, we're rednecks!) so he brought it home since it looked in good shape. Well, I cleaned it up and started putting the pieces together only to find that half of them weren't there. But, during all of that, MD had a blast with the cash register and the doors. So, it went back to the dump and now I'm on the search for a cheap kitchen set. I need to just get my lazy rear out there one Sat. morning and garage-sale. Have fun!