Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An update

For those of you that have been praying for my grandmother, I greatly appreciate it! She's out of the hospital now and is back in rehab, praise God! She's still having antibiotic administered twice daily for her MRSA infection, though it's much better now. My grandfather is doing well, though he's still worrying about grandma and wishes he could be with her. My mom is still down in FL trying to help prepare my grandpa's house in case my grandmother can come home in the near future. When she'll be released from rehab is still questionable, though hopefully in the some-what near future. I am planning on seeing my grandparents when Patrick and I head down to FL in October.

Anyway, my sister was a great minister to my mom, grandma and grandpa while she was down there. I think my sister is heading back today and my mom may be heading back home in the next couple of days, too, which is a blessing.

Funeral arrangements for my grandma's sister are still not's a long story. But, I still don't think my grandmother knows of her sister's passing.

God is good. He is providing, like He always does.

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