Monday, August 18, 2008

Our big girl

Mallory had a big weekend, furthering the truth that she is now longer a baby but a big girl; we turned her crib into a toddler bed. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, like most moments with her these days. She does so many things to remind me that my little girl is growing up.

She was very excited to have full access to her bed. The first line of business was to introduce ALL of her animals to her bed. She also really liked her pillow (I sacrified my sacred feather pillow for her enjoyment) and she loved running from one end of the room right into her bed with her face in the pillow. It was enjoyable for me to watch her excitement.

She did OK her first night in her bed (which was Saturday night). She tried to throw Doggie overboard several times, screaming for us to come get him, and not making the connection that she could now get out and get him. She did obey us by not getting out of her bed, but we're trying to make her understand that she IS allowed to get out if she throws Doggie. Anyway, she stayed in her bed very well. I had a little trouble today at nap time (day #3), but she'll eventually get the hang of it.

I did a little bit of rearranging in her room to accomodate a new special toy we got for her, commemorating her big girl moment. I'll post about the special toy later. In the meantime, here is some of the rearranging I did (for those of you who had seen Mal's room before):
1. Moved the books from the far,back corner behind the chair onto a shelf in the closet
2. Moved the lamp where the hamper was
3. Moved the trash can next to the lamp
4. Moved the hamper where the trash was
5. Shifted the table, chairs and rocking chair to the left to clear a space for her special toy
6. Moved all other toys that were once in her room into the closet

And here are the pictures (notice Doggie's new "bed"):

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Anonymous said...

Mallory's room looks great.....she is growing up too fast!