Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pee Pee in the Potty?

For the last 2 days, Mallory has been sitting on the potty trying to do her best to put something in there. On two different occasions, she sat on the pot for 45 minutes, without complaining (for the most part) and just "missing" the pot. The first time (yesterday before naptime), she told me she needed to go "icky poo poo" and I stuck her on the pot before she could go in her diaper. She sat on that pot for 45 min and downed a whole cup of juice while sitting there. Then she started complaining a lot, because I KNEW she had to go. In her frustration, a little nugget passed into the pot, to which I got wildly excited and immediately gave her a treat. I knew she needed to go more, but she started complaining so badly (screaming uncontrollably is more like it). I didn't want her to conjure up distain for the miniature pot, so I went ahead and put her diaper back on, and she immediately went. She then sat on the pot and asked for her treat. The second time (this morning after she woke up with a dry diaper), she sat on the pot for another 45 minutes, stood up, peed on the floor, sat back down and asked for her treat.

Anyway, she's wearing "special diapies", as we call them around here (AKA pull ups), and I'm hoping that she'll eventually put all the pieces together and realize it's a good thing when she uses the potty. I made her a chart for her to put stickers on when she finally does pee. And the fruit snacks (her treat of choice) are waiting to be eaten.


Joy said...

Good luck with this! May you have the energy to endure longer than she has the energy to refuse!

Grace has turned her nose up at snacks during my potty training efforts. If she's going to sit on the "chair", she insists I sing to her (think "itsy bitsy spider"). Since I just can't sing for 40 minutes, I've given up for the time being.

Courtney said...

Ah, potty training. Good luck! I'm so not ready for that yet. Thankfully it's pretty far off. And, I think we have that book - love it. Take care :)