Saturday, November 15, 2008

Behold the Lamb!

We just bought tickets to Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God tour that will be in Charlotte on Dec 17. I've REALLY grown to love this album and I'm looking forward to playing this one the most this holiday season. I have to admit, the first time I heard this CD, I didn't like it. It's not traditional. There are no familiar Christmas tunes (until you listen to it over and over and over).

But, I've come to love it. And I'm often moved to tears by the lyrics of some of the songs. The songs on this CD will bring you back not only to the true meaning of Christmas -the birth of Jesus, but HOW the birth of Jesus unfolded since the beginning of time. If you are looking to buy a good Christmas CD, buy this one (this link will also allow you to buy the album download)!

Here is a little blurb by Andrew Peterson about the jist of the album (HT: Between Two Worlds):

What makes this bunch of songs unique is that I wanted to remind (or teach) the audience that the story of Christmas doesn't begin with the birth of Jesus. Many people tend to forget or have never even learned that the entire Bible is about Jesus, not just the New Testament.So the musical begins with Moses and the symbolic story of the Passover (Passover Us) and works its way through the kings and the prophets with their many prophecies about the coming Messiah (So Long, Moses) to the awful four hundred years of silence before God told Mary she'd be having a baby (Deliver Us). After the song called Matthew's Begats, which lists the genealogy of Jesus, the story picks up in more familiar territory with Mary and Joseph and the actual birth (It Came To Pass, Labor of Love). The final song is called Behold, the Lamb of God, which ties together the Passover and the beauty and scope of the story.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a familiar walk through the Christmas story... our church choir is doing a similar format for our Christmas concert. There will be narration by a "Simeon" character, who retells quite a bit of Jewish history & prophecy in between songs. The song "Deliver Us" from Prince of Egypt will cover Moses' birth/ministry, there are several other songs with a Jewish flavor, a beautiful "Kyrie Eleison", Lord Have Mercy, and the last song presents the Lord's birth. Again, no "familiar" Christmas songs in the presentation. I am really looking forward to it on Dec. 14!

Kelly said...

We'll see you there!!! So excited!!

Shannon said...

We're going too! There is a group of us from church that are heading down!

When are you traveling down?

John might not be able to make it since he'll just be getting back from Arizona...but I know he was going to try!