Friday, November 7, 2008

A quiet night

Patrick took Mallory on a date tonight. Ethan is in bed. I'm drinking some deliche Pinot Noir while enjoying the peace (well, except for the hum of the computer and baby monitor...). I should be doing about 5 million other things. My friend Kara's pre-birthday-party list about sums up what I feel (her daughter turned three last weekend). I have bathrooms to clean, laundry to start, food to prepare, floors to mop...blah blah blah. But here I am, doing what I like to do - "computering". I'm going to head up stairs in a bit, turn on a movie (probably some hokey chick flick), finish my wine and start my chores.

And by the way, I MUST mention that I was able to go on a girls-only night with some of my great friends this past Wednesday. We laughed about random stuff over martinis and wine and soaked in a few brief moments of no responsibility except to help each other enjoy the moment. We hit Kohl's because of a cherished 30% off coupon that one of the girls had. We were shopping at 11:00 at night because we could. Oh, it was so refreshing! Margaret, Kara, and Jenn - you girls are irreplaceable.

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