Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, we have had a very busy last several days. Over the weekend, we threw a party for Ethan's birthday, which was tons 'o fun. Both sets of grandparents were there along with many, many friends. I have TONS of pictures to sift through, so once I'm done with that, I'll post some.

In the mean time, Patrick is getting ready to take Mallory to Charlotte this weekend to spend some time with his folks. Patrick's mom just had a hip replacement surgery yesterday and is expected to come home tomorrow. Patrick is taking off work tomorrow and hoping to get there around the time she gets home from the hospital. Her surgery went great and she'll be going through physical therapy over the next several weeks. I think Patrick will be a great asset for her in these first few days at home. I'm making a meal to send down with him, since I know that it will be an adjustment for both of Patrick's folks as Mom Moss is recovering and learning the limits with her new hip.

Ethan and I will be together for the weekend. Though I'll miss Mal and Patrick, I'm looking forward to having the responsibility of one for the weekend. I'm hoping to get stuff done, yet I'm hoping to have some more bonding time with my boy. Speaking of E, here is a video of his new "trick" that Daddy taught him:


Dawn said...

So cute!

Amanda said...

So big? How bout "really big"?

we love our Heavy

Gommy & Aunt Amanda