Friday, November 7, 2008

Ethan eats some cake!!!

Here's a video of Ethan eating his first piece of cake on his birthday. Please excuse the accidental picture taken in the middle of the video. And please excuse my over-excited voice in the background, but I just couldn't get over the fact that Ethan was sucking his thumb while holding the cake...


The Anthonys said...

We were coming to Ethan's party until I realized the time was 5:00 PM. That would put us getting home in the wee hours of the morning. While I don't have to work and we homeschool, Mike does. I'm so sorry, Ethan!! One day I will get to meet your sweet self!

I think we will plan another visit in the Spring and take the kids to Dollywood. Okay, I'm the one that wants to go to Dollywood!

Amanda said...

I'm sure the video is adorable, but I can't see it! :-( I can't see the "Our Little Monkey" dancing-Ethan video either.

I still love you all!

P.S. - I will mail Ethan's card soon, I PROMISE. Good thing I gave him an early present in Oct; it soothes my guilt.

Aunt Amanda

alisterhill said...

We can't see it either.



Amanda said...

Yay! I could see it today! Gosh, Mel, you must have refrigerated that cake or something, because it held up really well while being suspended in the air.

Such sleepy eyes on that boy... no wonder he was sucking his thumb during cake time.

Love and birthday kisses from Aunt Amanda.