Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 day. 32 weeks. 6 years.

1 day
I'm embarking on a new journey tomorrow - formalized preschool for the kids, but not in the sense you may think. We're not "going" anywhere for preschool, except to the kitchen table, or maybe the basement, or maybe outside. We're having preschool here. I've spent hours over the last month researching, planning, and preparing lesson plans for me to follow for teaching the kids specific things on "themes" we'll be covering each month. I've learned a lot in my research and am very excited about seeing my kids minds open up to new concepts in our lessons. I'm starting off easy with our September theme being Family and Home. We'll be learning new songs and scriptures, doing crafts, and some phonics/mathematics they won't even realize they're learning. I'm also going to start doing some reading during breakfast to hone in on their listening skills - stories that will hopefully spawn curiosity in their minds and teach them to listen. I will share more as we progress. But as of now, all my Sept documentation is printing and I'll be adding the sheets to my notebook.

32 weeks
I'm 8 months pregnant today. Wow. I have a Dr appointment on Wednesday to check this little guy's heartbeat and measure my ever-growing belly. I have a long list of pregnancy woes, but all in all, I'm having a healthy pregnancy. I'm hungry all the time and I keep reminding myself that it's OK to watch the scale go up...

6 years
Today is the anniversary of my marriage to Patrick. I can't tell you how significant this anniversary is to us. We've learned so much in the last few months about our marriage, our faults, our failures, and our out-right sinful hearts that put the brakes on the happiness of "ever after" earlier this year. A marriage is so fragile without the commitment to love. And we've learned a lot about love this year. Love is learned. It doesn't come naturally and needs to be matured over time. We have learned how to love one another as God has called, not how we think we should love. And we're learning. And it is becoming beautiful.

Our marriage was a pile of fragments earlier this year and we didn't know how it was ever going to be put back together. If I have the courage, I'll write more about how fragmented we were and how close we came to turning away from the mess. But God has grace. And He has led us up to this Happy 6th Anniversary.

May God be praised for these.


Mel H. said...

I understand and sympathize with the difficulties of making a marriage endure, even under what seems to be the most impossible circumstances. It is truly your commitment to one another that will make you stronger, just as our commitment to the heavenly Father makes us stronger in our faith. May God bless you and your family with many future milestones and lasting promises of love, family, hope, and grace.

Frag said...

You both should be commended for digging deep & finding the strength to endure the test of your commitment to one another. I truely believe that God gives us the tests on purpose... The one thing that I wish that we are told on our wedding day is that "this marriage will not always be easy!" My 1st 'marriage' did not endure the tests that we were given & looking back on our failures to each other I have learned SO much & how incredibly important it is to be with someone who shares the same ideas in their faith. We took so much for granted & were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to our faith & our ideas of good, healthy communication. 2 HUGE things that I have brought with me into this new endeavour & what an incredible difference being able to talk openly & pray openly with one another has made! We are so happy & so blessed & so fulfilled because of it. Valuable lesson learned. I wish you & Patrick all the best & many many many more years of love & happiness!

Kelly said...

Praise the Lord for your 6th anniversary...the dark times make the light ones so much brighter. Congratulations.

alisterhill said...

For a Christian, the answer to ANYTHING is always easy: Put God first with the genuine desire to give Him the glory. Of course, simple does not necessarily mean easy... However the more we realize that it is ALL about Jesus... that EVERYTHING good we can possibly have comes to us via His unbelievable love for us... the easier it becomes to get our priorities right.

We have NOTHING in this here and now life worth having if Christ isn't LORD as well as Savior. We have a sure and certain hope for the future - but unless Christ is Lord - our present will be a mess.

Even our Christian marriage.

May He be LORD of our hearts, as well as Lord of our spirits!

Thanks for having the courage to share what you have so far. God can use the trials in your life to be a blessing in other lives. Maybe that's why He allowed you to go through whatever it is you faced.

May God heal, guide, teach and fill you both; and as you raise your precious children, may you find joy in the wonderful gift of family.

alisterhill said...

Ooops.. The first sentence of my previous comment was of course meant to read "For a Christian, the answer to ANYTHING is always SIMPLE". Perhaps it will make more sense now!