Monday, August 10, 2009

Ethan's First Prayer

Mallory has been our lead pray-er before our meals and she's had this role for a while now. Ethan usually has his hand out ready to pray before meals, exclaiming "Pay!", since he's almost always ready to eat, and finishes Mallory's prayer sometimes with a hearty "Amee" (followed by a hand clap).

This morning at breakfast, we held hands I asked Ethan if he'd like to say the prayer. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and said:

"Bless Daddy. Amee"

I smiled at his sweet innocence and prompted him to bless the food, though I did praise him for saying such a great prayer. I know full well that he has a big heart for his Daddy. He's awfully clingy to me these days, which gives the sense that he favors me, but I think I'm his comfort. Yes, I know he loves me too, but his love for his Daddy is there...way down deep in his heart that comes out at the sweetest times imaginable.


Thelma said...

That is precious. I love hearing my children pray and at times their sweet, simple prayers put mine to shame.

nicole said...

So so so sweet!!

Kelly said...

So sweet, Ethan!

Courtney said...

Very sweet!