Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Fun - Part 4

My kids have grown to LOVE water parks. Love them. We've gone to Wetlands three times this summer, once with Daddy, once with Aunt Amanda, and once with Kara and her crew. Mallory and Ethan are both doing really well in the water. They both run around without floaties and are doing a good job of keeping their head above water. They're figuring out to 1. Keep their mouths shut under water and 2. Blow bubbles when their heads go under water. They both still need lots of monitoring, but I love watching them love water.

Being a native Floridian, I was around water A LOT growing up. I hope the kids will get the chance to spend lots of time at pools and lakes. Maybe one day we'll get closer to the ocean, but for now, waterparks and such will suffice.

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Amanda said...

Wetlands was fun. I sure enjoyed experiencing it with you all.

Miss you!!!!