Friday, September 12, 2008

Back home!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon around 2pm. It was good to see Patrick and Mallory! And it was good to be out of that plane! I dealt with a little bit of vertigo last night that was not very comfortable, but I feel MUCH better today.

Here are some pictures from my trip. I almost didn't bring my camera, but I'm so glad that I did because nobody else was snapping pictures and there were many "kodak moments" that I'm so glad we didn't miss. Amongst the many pictures, you'll see my sister and I with my grandma's sister, June (who lives outside of Galveston, so keep them in your prayers!!!), some fun in the pool, the iguana that LIVES in the screen porch that the pool is in, family dinners, Ethan in the swing, Ethan playing, our family "hoe-down" with my uncle on the harmonica, and grandpa with the "grands". We had a great time despite that the occasion was for my grandma's funeral.

Mom is still down in FL helping grandpa clean out some of my grandma's things. One thing I asked for from my mom was one of grandma's pie plates. She used to make the best pies. I'd love to bake a pie in her plates and think of her while doing it. Mom is heading home tomorrow, which I'm sure will be difficult. It was a week ago today that she headed down there knowing this was the last time she would see her mom. Anyway, life goes on and God is faithful through all things.

Here are all the grands:

Backrow- Kenzie, Melanie, Amanda, Grandpa, Aaron, Jeremy, Nathan
Lap kids - Ethan (great-grand), Elisha, Parker(great-grand), Peighton (great-grand)

Kenzie and Elisha are sisters (daughters of Mike).
Amanda and I are sisters (daughters of Dawn).
Aaron, Jeremy, and Nate are brothers (sons of David).
Ethan and Mallory (not pictured) are mine.
Peighton and Parker are Aaron's.
(my Aunt Donna does not have any kids.)


The Anthonys said...

That is the ugliest animal I've ever seen - the iguana. Michael wants one of those. I think you have to feed it insects. I don't think so!!

I'm sure your family loved seeing you two even though it was for a sad occasion. It's a shame that this is when people usually get together.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip as much as you can.

Please tell your mom that I will pray for her and her family to have comfort! Take care! I'm glad you're home. I know my dad was worried about you traveling as he does when anyone of us travels!

Kelly said...

I was slightly freaked out by the iguana as well.

It does look like you had a nice time with the whole family together, despite the circumstances that brought you together. Glad you made it home.