Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Green Frog

First, I have to say that my daughter comes up with very simple names for her stuffed animals. We have "Striped Bear" for a bear with stripes on it. We have "Pink Giraffe" for a pink giraffe. We have "Blue", or "Icky Blue" rather, for her blue dog. We have "Elephant" for her blue elephant. And I'll stop there.

Anyway, this post is about "Green Frog", an ugly, cheaply made stuffed animal that she got at the Appalachian fair last weekend. Patrick and his dad were thoughtful enough to take Mallory to the great Appalachian fair while the family was up for Ethan's dedication. The idea was to let Mallory ride the carousel, eat funnel cakes and corn dogs, and enjoy the fascination of the twinkling lights and spinning rides that are at most American fairs. To sum up Mallory's experience in one word, according to the accounting of the event from Patrick and his dad, was dreadful. She did not like it. Not one bit. From what I gathered, there was a lot of screaming and the repetitive "All Done" and "Bye Bye Silver Car" when she does not want to be where ever she is that is disagreeable to her.

Mallory has one saving grace from the event, though, which is Green Frog. Patrick won it in some silly fair game. He supposedly picked out a stuffed cow for her, which she abhorred. She seemed to be content with Green Frog and it has somehow rallied itself up into the top 5 favorite stuffed animals. Maybe because it was her savior from the fair? I don't know. But, she gets very excited over Green Frog and often carries it around with her beloved Doggie (that is, whenever I LET her carry around Doggie).

So, here I introduce to you, Green Frog.

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