Thursday, September 4, 2008

An style!

Here is Ethan in the beginning stages of walking pneumonia. As you can see, he seems perfectly fine. But, the crust around his nose and the red chapiness was irritating him. Oh, and the bruise? His daddy dropped him on his head. Seriously.

Here is E partaking in his daddy's delicious pork. Patrick spent the day on Monday smoking a pork "Carolina style" and it was excellent, his best one yet! Mallory wouldn't touch it, but Ethan liked it!

Here is her highness, Queen Mallory performing DR duties on Icky Blue. This was BEFORE she actually went to the doctor. Please don't be under the impression that she finds stethoscopes interesting. In fact, I would say she dislikes them immensely. Ask her doctor.

And since I had been dealing with sick kiddos, I hadn't been able to make my escape to the grocery store like I usually can when I'm about to run out of something. But, I was about to run out or have already run out of very important items like Cheerios, Goldfish, laundry detergent and fruit. I called my dear friend, Dawn, and asked her if she could help me out with picking up some necessities for me. And not only did she pick up groceries, she gave us some wonderful lasagna for us to enjoy that evening. A double blessing!!! It helped me SO MUCH not to cook while manning a sick house. Here is proof that the dinner was yummy:

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