Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cantata is coming up!

Our choir has been preparing in earnst for our Christmas production this weekend (hint, hint to all my Johnson City readers...). It will be this Saturday and Sunday night at Heritage Baptist church starting at 6:30. Childcare will be provided on Sunday. And it's free! And I have a solo! Need I say more???
OK...enough of the plug. But, I've been going to many rehearsals and doing a lot of prep work for the production. Mallory is familiar with most of the songs, since she goes to most of the rehearsals with me. She LOVES going to choir. We sang at the mall this past Friday night, along with the kids choir at church. It was a good prep for this weekend and the kids did such a great job. Mallory wasn't quite ready to go in choir this year, but the next time it starts up, I really think she'll love it.

After our production, we got an ice cream cone to share. The kids LOVED it.

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kara battel said...

thanks for the chicken help! hopefully we can make it on sunday!