Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post-Surgery Update

So, when Mallory was able to see Doggie after he was in recovery, she wasn't too happy. I'd say she wasn't happy at all.

We needed another band-aid. A Peanuts one. STAT!

Then she took a nap.

Then we removed the wrappings. And guess what? Doggie's nose was all fixed! Well, it was fixed BEFORE the nap. I guess he needed a little more time to recover. Mal is the Doggie specialist. She nose best. Er...she knows best.

After a little kiss, all was fine with the world. And peace is now in the land.


Mel H. said...

At least appreciation was gained after a little heartache. I'm happy doggie is as good as new again!

Kelly said...

LOL! That first picture is HILARIOUS!!

Mom M said...

The pics are too much!!! This whole series reminds me of her daddy at 5 years old when he had his tonsils out, and his beloved "Freddie"!!!!