Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ethan's Room


Looking in from the doorway:

Standing to the Left of the Window, looking at the wall to the right of the doorway:

Standing in front of the swing, looking towards the doorway:

AFTER: It is still a work in progress, but this is where the room is at this point. I still have a few pieces to add (rocking chair, stuff on walls, crib bumper, etc), but it's a great start! I couldn't be happier.

Looking in from the doorway, right of window:

Looking in from the doorway, left of window:

Standing in front of Armoire:

Standing between the closet door and the crib:


Kelly said...

Everything looks so nice and roomy! Good job, ladies!!

Shawnda said...

Wow! It looks GREAT!!! I think his room is bigger than ours! : ) You did an excellent job!!!

Shannon said...

It's looking much more inviting! I know how much more relaxed you must feel getting so much done :)