Friday, September 7, 2007

Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale

Well, I got off the phone with Patrick about an hour ago and he was headed off to the TPC of Scottsdale, home of the PGA Tour's FBR Open. He was going to play a round of golf with his Gentiva buddies on this beautiful course. Now, he hasn't picked up a set of golf clubs since I've met him (or so I can't remember him playing golf in that time...) and he was VERY hesitant to agree, but since they were getting the rate so cheap, he figured it was the chance of a lifetime.

So, I don't know how well he's playing, but he's out there right now enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Arizona desert behind the green of one of the top golf courses in the country.

Weather in AZ right now: 99 degrees

His flight leaves Phoenix at 11pm Pacific Time (2am our time!!!) and should be home by 11am tomorrow. We can't wait!

I'll be posting a HOST of pictures in the next day or two. If I get up the energy, I'll post some tonight after Mallory goes to bed, which will be soon! She's had a busy week, too!

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