Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reading List

Never in my life have I had so many books that I'm currently reading. I'm usually the kind of girl who picks up a good novel and reads it exclusively until the final page. I am not, normally, a reader of non-fiction. But, I have a few non-fiction books that have either peaked my interest, give necessary information regarding my "current condition", or is for a Bible Study I'm currently involved in. So, here's the rundown:

1. Attitudes of a Transformed Heart (Martha Peace) - I'm reading this book, along with a few ladies from church, for a bible study we will begin this week (finally!!!)
2. Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God (Noel Piper) - We bought this book from the Desiring God book sale several weeks ago. This is the first biography (or collection of biographies) I have ever read on my own accord (*Sheepish Admission*). I'm currently reading about Lilias Trotter.
3. Babywise (Gary Ezzo) - I'm reading this as a refresher to prepare me for the first several months of breastfeeding Ethan
4. A Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth (Henci Goer) - Again, this is a refresher to help mentally prepare myself for labor (thanks again, Kristin, for this book). It opened my eyes to the beauty of God's design in birthing babies. Though this is not a christian book, it offers many facts about c-sections, epidurals, inductions and other hospital techniques that take away from the natural process God put in place since Eve. I'm convinced that letting my body naturally birth my baby is the best way to go. Still, the hospital is full of "temptations" to lure me from what I want to experience in my labor. Yes, there may be complications that may arise - I understand. But, if it's at all possible for me to birth this baby naturally, then that's what I'm doing! (*stepping off soap box*)
5. What to Expect when You're Expecting (Heidi Murkoff) - I'm mainly focusing on Chapter 14 - Labor and Delivery. I just want to remember what it's like - the phases of labor, what to expect where contractions are concerned, how far apart/how long they are before going to the hospital, pushing techniques, etc. Reading this chapter has caused me to remember the pain a little bit, but I'm feeling more prepared for the "big day". (*stepping up on the soapbox again*) I think a lot of moms are taught about labor, "the more you don't know, the better - doctors know best". I don't agree. I think as a mom, I need to be a prepared as possible mentally so you can make the best decisions for you and your child. So, you expectant moms out there, read up! Get prepared! It will REALLY be the best thing you can do to help your labor experience (*stepping down*).

And I don't have a fiction book on the list!!! Well, mainly because I don't have one to read right now. I've exhausted all my books and have even re-read several of them recently.

What are you reading?


Kelly said...

Watch out for Martha Peace (in a good way!). She pulls NO punches! Her writing is VERY convicting to me. It changed the course of our marriage that I read her book The Excellent Wife during our engagement. I had never heard/read anyone teach on submission so clearly, directly, and completely, and leave me feeling excited to submit to my husband. But that's what that book did!

Melanie said...

I've heard that The Excellent Wife is a good read. I'll need to pick that one up after I complete my list :-). Thanks for the plug.