Thursday, September 13, 2007

It is now a danger...

...for me to go to the grocery store without giving in to indulgent purchases. I know that pregnancy cravings usually occur in the first trimester, but mine are occurring NOW. I upped our grocery bill by almost $15 with the things I bought on a whim, but HAD to have, thanks to my hormonal mind telling me I couldn't be satisfied without at taste...or MANY tastes...of the following items:

1. Lucky Charms ($3.98 for the extra large box). I bought my first box last week after several weeks of wondering if I should. I ate at least 2 bowls a day - snack and dessert. I ran out of the cherished cereal two days ago and I've been itching for some ever since, waiting until I was goign to the store anyway so I wouldn't be one of those pregnant ladies people snicker at when all they see in the grocery cart is a box of Lucky Charms. I decided to get the largest box I could find.

2. Doritos ($3.50 for the family size bag). Now, I NEVER buy Doritos, but I walked passed a kiosk at the front of the store on the way to the check out line and they were screaming my name. Darn those kiosks!!! I ate a quarter of the bag on my way home. Oh, they were so good!

3. Raspberry Ginger Ale ($3.33 for a 12 pack). I've been drinking soda more during my pregnancy since I have some major issues with heartburn and I'm tired of taking Tums (I'm over half way through the 4th bottle). I'm tired of them in my purse and sitting on my vanity next to my tooth brush so I can access them conveniently. I'm tired of the chalky taste that always lingers in my mouth and the feeling I have to brush my teeth after each time I take one. The carbonation of soda helps, though I have to limit my sugar intake since my glucose levels are a little high. After perusing the soda aisle with my throat dry for a bubbly one, I decided I HAD to have the Raspberry Ginger Ale. It sounded SOOO good, though I've never had it before. I will be drinking my first can after this post.

So, for the sake of our budget, I'm wondering if I should let Patrick do the shopping. But, I honestly enjoy going to the grocery store. I am always shocked at the final tally of our grocery bill though (part of the thanks goes to the 8.5% sales tax on food and grocery here in TN - higher than it was in NC) and wonder if I can ever buy a weeks worth of groceries for a decent amount of money. Should I concede that it might not happen until after Ethan is born? I don't know. All I know is that I've GOT to have a bowl of Lucky Charms.


Nicole said...

Now I'm a craving Lucky Charms!! :-)

Shawnda said...

That is TOO funny! : ) I love the list of cravings...definitley not the typical ice cream : ) Your cravings seem to be contagious (Nicole!) : )

Kelly said...

They're magically delicious!

Shannon said...

It won't be long until he's here :)

Until then, enjoy having an excuse for your cravings!

Stacey said...

i too love lucky charms, but it has nothing to do with pregnancy!