Sunday, September 9, 2007

The work-horses


Mom said...

Wow...I got tired just reading all we did last week. It should have been filmed for HGTV! I told your dad I got to do everything I love to do. Sew, rearrange furniture, paint, sing, watch chick flicks, eat out, be with my daughter, and get to spend time with Mallory.
Hey, waht about the door stop? That was a new experience and solved a concern for only $3.00 and no holes in anything. It did require that team effort again. I love the picture of Mallory looking through the sewing machine!

Love Ya...Mom

Amanda said...

You two are something else. When I ever need HGTV to happen at my house, I'll just invite you both down.

Thanks, Mel, for posting all of the pictures; before & after, sewing Grandma, haircut, you guys stayed SUPER busy! I'm also so glad that you met Patrick at the airport. What a wonderful treat that must have been. Did he have fun in AZ after all?

I agree; Mallory peeking through the sewing machine is way cute... and I like that Ethan is already being "pictured" on the blog. :-) I'll try to call you soon. Love you lots!!!

Oh, and I hope the Gators beat UT this weekend... Will Cayman be in orange & blue?

Melanie said...

Patrick had a great time in AZ, despite his doubts before he left. And it's on my list of things to do to call you, Amanda. And please don't take offense; if I don't have a list these days, NOTHING would get accomplished - even phone calls to my sister. :-)

I just realized yesterday that the Gators will be playing UT. I may have to invite some people over for that one. Cayman will probably wear her UT sweater if Patrick has anything to do with it, but I may find some blue ribbon or something to tie around her neck. ;-)

Talk to you soon...