Sunday, September 9, 2007

Meeting Daddy at the Airport

Since the airport is only 10 minutes from our house and it's a SMALL airport (to say the least), I decided to surprise Patrick and meet him there as he disembarked off his plane. Since his flight was delayed from Atlanta, I knew he was tired and anxious to see me and Mallory.

We definitely surprised him. And he LOVED seeing his little girl waiting for him when he came out of the terminal. It was a sweet reunion.

UPDATE - Patrick ended up having a GREAT time on his trip out west. I think the golfing was the highlight. He's now talking about getting more in to golf and wanting a set of clubs. Oiy. Anyway, he ate a lot, enjoyed the time he spent with his co-workers, work-out at the gym, swam, and even spoke highly of his meetings. He said he'd definitely like to visit there again.


Shannon said...

I hope John isn't disappointed when I don't meet him at the airport on Friday, lol. (granted it is Nashville, but even if it were tricities, I doubt I would do it, lol)

What a great surprise for him :)

Beth said...

I'm sure Patrick was thrilled to see his girls!

John said...

Gee...I wish my wife and kids would come and meet me at the airport. Ask Patrick when he would like to set up a tee time.

Melanie said...

John - I will not be encouraging my husband to golf. It's another expensive habbit that I don't want to condone!!! And you're not making it easy on me either!!! :-)I'm sure he wouldn't mind swinging the golf clubs around with you sometime; but again, it will not be suggested by me.