Friday, October 19, 2007

A day trip to Gatlinburg

My parents are spending this week in Gatlinburg with my dad's brothers and sister for a 'sibling' reunion. Since Gatlinburg is only an hour and a half from us, Mallory and I headed over there on Tuesday for the day.

I have many memories of Gatlinburg, since my family used to travel up there at least once a year for about 10 years while my parents used to work for Burger King. Patrick and I have been there twice in the last 4 years and hope to make it a place we'll frequent in the coming years with our kids. Though there are tons of things to do there, I mainly have memories of eating at great restaurants, shopping, and riding go-carts. There are GREAT candy shops and you can always find deals on clothing at one of the 4 outlet shopping centers in Pigeon Forge. Oh, and don't forget to get a Corn Dog at Fanny Farkles.
Though we only had a day, we ate at one of my favorite breakfast spots, Applewood, with my mom, dad, Aunt Rona, Uncle John, Aunt Gail and Aunt Lynn. My other aunt and uncles were golfing while we chowed down on Apple Fritters, eggs, bacon, pancakes and the like! We shopped for a little while and then went back to the chalet where my family was staying (which was huge and beautiful). We had a great time and I'm thrilled that this vacation spot is so close to our house!

Here are a few pictures on the grounds of Applewood.

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