Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Showers

Last Sunday, the ladies from church threw a shower for me and another friend of mine who just recently had a baby boy. It was so wonderful to have these ladies, though nearly strangers, make such a wonderful event occur in honor of Ethan and Zach (my friend's baby).

This past Thursday, Patrick's work threw him a baby shower, too, in honor of Ethan. It was a surprise to him, so when Mallory and I walked into his meeting on Thursday morning, he was happy to see us and felt very honored by the event his coworkers organized for our family.

We're so blessed!

Pictures from the Gentiva shower:


Sean and Marianne said...

Hey Moss Family,

Just wanted to send a big hello from Charlotte and let you know that Conner decided to arrive a little early (noon on 10/27). Dr. Heron-Davis delivered and we discovered that she knew you guys from the Desiring God church at UNCC. Small world! Just wanted to offer some encouragement and let you know that Ethan can arrive at ANY TIME. Hang in there!

Melanie said...

Congrats on the arrival of Conner!!! Yes, a sweet, sweet woman. I'm glad you were able to have her as your Dr. She was a HUGE help to me listening to questions I had post-pardum, eventhough she wasn't my Dr. She was always willing to listen and offer any advice that she could. I miss her and Sam (her husband). Tell her I said hello if you happen to see her again. By the way, how did our names come up?

So, you'll need to email me about your labor experience. I'm anxious to hear how it allhappened!!! I'm so glad for you guys! Send pics!