Sunday, October 7, 2007

God's Good Earth...

I tell you what, I'm reminded of God's majestic glory every morning while watching the sunrise over the Holston Mountain Range. One of the first things I do when I open my eyes in the morning is look out our window to see what God paints in the sky above the mountains. Some days, it's really hazy and we don't see anything. But recently, it's been very clear and we've had some spectacular views out our back windows, which are in the master bedroom, kitchen, dining room and Mallory's room.

Dawn - Just before sunrise

In the afternoons, I love to see the green, green grass and flourishing trees that sit before the range. The green is now turning mostly brown, but there are some colors dotting the view, displaying their autumn colors which I'm assuming will peak in the next few weeks.

Afternoon around 4pm

In the evenings, the sun sets towards the front of the house but it casts a purplish glow above the mountains to the east, causing what clouds are in the sky to turn turquoise, pink, orange, and purple. Each time causes our mountains to look very different, each with its own distinct beauty.

Before dusk around 6:30pm - this display only lasts for about 30 minutes in the evenings

I said to Patrick just the other day that I'm so thankful that while we are living in the mountains we can actually SEE the mountains from our house. There are only a few neighborhoods in the area that offer such pleasure and the Lord, for some reason, gave us a house in one of them. We're expecting the weather to cool down this week (highs in the low 70s and 40s in the morning hours) and I'm looking forward to having my morning coffee on the back porch and evening conversations with Patrick while enjoying the majesty of God's good earth.

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