Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ethan's Room

I made some finishing touches to Ethan's room over the weekend. Also, his rocking chair came in and my mother sent the finished crib bumper, so his room is almost complete. There are still a few odds and ends that need to be purchased, but nothing pressing. Actually, nothing WAS pressing, but it was so much fun to make his room special. Here are a few pics of what it currently looks like:

I finished Ethan's letters this past weekend and hung them up this morning. They look SOOO good! I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.

My mother did SUCH a good job on the crib bumper. She told me that she loved thinking about her little "E" while sewing.

Here's the rocking chair. It wasn't as dark as I recalled, but still looks good. Mom designed and made the pillow, too. CUTE! I was going to clean up the toys in the corner, but figured that the toys will probably be out A LOT in the future, so why not photograph the true environment?!?!?

Cayman's new haven. For some reason, she likes being under the cribs. Her favorite spot is under Mallory's crib, but she has a tendancy to chew up toys under there, so we usually put the "scary" toys under it so she'll not frequent it as much. :-)


Nicole said...

It looks GREAT!!!!

Peggy Moss said...

Ethan's room is looking fine!! Your Mom is a wonder with a sewing machine.
Love you!
Mom M.

Josh and Dana said...

Wow...I'm VERY impressed! You ladies have skills! How did you do the letters??? I would love to do something like that in Isaiah's room.

CourtneyBI said...

You know, Monkey likes to hang out under MD's crib too. Must feel like a little cave or something. Little E's room looks great! I like your colors...easy to work with. Now I want to see a pic of you :) Oh, and thanks for the sweet comments about my little man.