Monday, October 29, 2007

The Herlihy Dog

For those of you who are SNL fans, you may remember the skits of "The Herlihy Boy", starring Adam Sandler. Well, recently we've dubbed Cayman "The Herlihy Dog" because many of her antics/facial expressions remind us so much of the Herlihy Boy. Patrick and I have enjoyed adding a Herlihy "script" to several of her antics, including:

* Please let me sleep in your bed (direct from The Herlihy Boy)
* Please let me come in your house
* Please let me lay at your feet
* Please let me play in the yard
* Please let me play with your child
* Please let me eat some of your food

...and there are several more.

Here is a clip of The Herlihy Boy. Please note that there is some mild language (thanks to Chris Farley). And for those of you who know our dog, imagine it's her thoughts be spoken by the Herlihy Boy...oh, it's funny.


John said...

Absolutely hillarious. I can't believe I've never seen this.

Kelly said...

Oh, I love this skit! You can see Sandler cracking up when Farley makes that little noise after his ranting. Thanks for the laugh!

PS Tough Florida loss on Saturday. I was thinking of you while I was watching!

Melanie said...

Kelly - yes, it was a tough loss for FL. Thanks for the thoughts. Though it is only a game, it still stinks when your team looses, though I'm sure you can't really relate right now b/c of how well your Sox are doing. :-)

I'm glad you got a laugh!