Friday, October 19, 2007

A year and a half old

Our baby girl is now 18-months old. Today.

My, how time seems to continually fly by. It's funny how time does tricks to a person's mind; where Mallory's growth is concerned, time passes too quickly and where Ethan's birth is concerned, time passes too slowly. It amazes me how I can have different perspectives on the same concept.

Mallory is such a blessing in our lives. Patrick grows more in love with her each day and is constantly confessing how much he loves her...his "Mallor". I think we both wonder how we can find more love in our hearts for another child, yet I know that when we see him for the first time, we'll understand. For now, Mallory is just a little spoiled with kisses and hugs from both of us.

Today, Mallory was a challenge. She's finding her limits and pushing them constantly. Patrick came home tonight with the house a mess, the dog barking at the basement door, dinner half made on the stove, and a crying wife. Tonight was the second night in a row that Mallory refused to eat what I served her. She went to bed without dinner. It's heartbreaking when she throws her food on the floor, knowing that she'll receive punishment. It's heartbreaking when she starts another "activity", like throwing all of her clothes out of the drawer (3 times today!), that I need to start disciplining her for. She's starting to throw tantrums and will become dead weight when I hold her hand to lead her away from something she wants towards somewhere else I need her to be. I'm questioning my decisions and wondering how I'm going to be able to handle two children. I'm physically and emotionally weary. Every morning I pray for patience, asking the Lord to allow me not to exasperate my daughter. I pray that Mallory will learn obedience and that she'll learn that my authority is granted to me by God.

So, the 18-month mark came with bitter-sweetness; bitter because I realize how fleeting time is and knowing that each stage in childhood development won't only push Mallory's limits but mine as well, and sweet because God has chosen to bless me as a mother and is allowing me the pleasure of glorifying Him in this role.

I love you, sweet Mallory. You're my girl and my heart is so full it could almost burst.


Shawnda said...

Oh sister! Your post rang so near to our home!! Thanks for sharing so honestly!!! Praying for you as you prepare for 2!

Shannon said...

I remember feeling this same way when I was pregnant with Jamison. It had been a particularly harrowing day towards the end of my pregnancy, and I really started to wonder how I was going to do it.

It's time like these when you have to lean on the faithfulness of God and know that He will give us strength in our times of weakness.

Hope to see you soon!

Kelly said...

Melanie, I hope this can give you some hope for the days ahead...

I think the stage from 18-24 months is one of the hardest. But if you can hold on until they're two, things get a lot easier. I think two-year-olds are some of the most fun people around. (I know a lot of moms of many who agree with me!)

Then they hit three, and start whining...but don't think about that right now. :-)

Happy year-and-a-half, Mallory!!!

CourtneyBI said...

I'm not there yet but I can only imagine. Just think, though, you get to hold, love and keep a tiny little baby soon :) As always, love the pics! Outside of all of that, how are you feeling? Anything happening yet? Luv ya...

Josh and Dana said...

Hey girl. No posts in everyone ok???