Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Successful Weekend!

We all had a great weekend in our separate adventures!!! Patrick really enjoyed having Mallory to himself for a few days and was constantly singing her praises on how good of a traveller she was and what a sweet little girl she is (of course I already knew both of those things!!!). She had a difficult time going to sleep the first night, which doesn't really surprise me, but after that, she slept well, ate well, and played well. Gram, Pops, and Patrick had a really nice time with Mallory. And while they enjoyed each other, I had a great time to myself. I ended up getting a lot accomplished at home without overdoing it too much. I rested when I got tired, I took a nap when I wanted, I showered when I wanted, ate when and what I wanted...it was great! I was able to watch a bunch of football, though I'm still in mourning over my Gators loss to Auburn. I'll get over it...

Anyway, I am refreshed for this week...and hopefully through the remainder of my pregnancy! Mallory is getting all 4 of her molars in at the same time, so she's a little kranky, but we'll get through the fussiness though it may wear me at some points! We have gym class today, which I'm hoping to remember my camera for so I can take a few pics and videos of her antics while running around in a gymnasium!!! It's too cute!

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