Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daddy's bookshelf

Mallory LOVES books. She flips through them and "reads" through the pages. She's even starting to like some of Daddy's classics.

Patrick's bookshelf after Mallory "reads" the books.

A Jane Austin fan??? (Kelly - I thought about you when I saw which book Mallory had. If you had girls, I'm sure you would be proud)


Shannon said...

It reminds me of when Nolan was that age...I found him sitting on the floor reading Calvin's Institutes. We were so proud, lol.

Kelly said...

I AM proud of her!

By the way, my boys will read Austen and thank me for it. ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh those books looks SOOOOO familiar! Hee hee! Ah, the good old days!