Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My doctor's appt yesterday was good. I don't have an infection, which I didn't think I had, and the doctor thought I was healing "great", since, in his opinion, it looked like a grenade had gone off in my bottom after Ethan arrived. I told him that the OB who delivered Mallory told me the same thing! Anyway, he said to be patient...that with the condition that I was in when Ethan was born and how I'm healing now is great. Well, that was good news, except I'm tired of being patient! I am feeling much better since this weekend, though I still have stabs of pain every now and then. I'm still taking it slow, though I'm itching to get out of the house! I just don't want to overdue it until I'm more on the "up" side of my upswing.

Mallory did great at the sitters. My friend, Margaret, was SOOO happy to watch her and felt honored that I called to ask for her help. I hope to return the favor once I'm...again...on the upper upside.

I'm going to start a little bit of my baking today for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal. We might be on our own again this year, though my sister and her husband are still considering coming up (Amanda is sick and David's back is bothering him :-( ) Anyway, no matter what happens, we're so Thankful for the abundant blessing the Lord generously bestows up on us!


Beth said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Melanie. We'll be praying for your continued recovery.

And I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, whatever you ended up doing. We're thankful for you!

Shawnda said...

Oh wow! That doesn't sound very pleasant! : ( BUT I'm glad that the Dr's think you are healing well, considering!!!!! Praying for you as you recover, I definitely know how HARD that can be!!!!!