Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Phototherapy Lights

Here are some pictures of the set-up we have for Ethan while he's in his phototheraphy "blanket". The contraption looks like a projector and where the lens would be, there is a cord that connects to a 20"x4" blanket that wraps around his body and shines a bright blue light directly on his skin. He's on it through the remainder of today and then will be off all day tomorrow before we go to the doctor on Thursday to re-check his levels. The biliruben levels are dropping; lets pray that they won't spike too high once he's off the lights or we'll have to start them back up again.

The one picture with me in the chair is without the flash so you can see him glowing. He looks really funny at night...like a little blue lightening bug laying in the bed. He's a trooper.


Shawnda said...

ahhhhh! He does look like a little glow worm! And the shoes you got are GREAT! She says they are easy....wish I had that ability!!!! : )

Jen Unsell said...

We went through the same thing with Houston 11 years ago and we were so thankful that our Dr. allowed the homehealth care agency to set things up at home for us so that we didn't have to re-admit Houston to the hospital! I am so glad it's the same for you and hope all is clearing up quickly Melanie!

Beth said...

The "glow worm" picture is so funny! I hope his bilirubin count stays down now.