Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eavesdropping on a VERY important conversation...

Upadated: Mallory was jabbering like this for about 5 minutes before I got the camera. I don't know entirely what she's saying, but from what I've gathered, her conversation ranges over a lot of different topics, including (but not limited to):
- "Big Sister" (her book "Big Sister, Little Sister")
- Gommy (my mother)
- Gommy's here (which she wasn't)
- Poppy's here...Poppy's coming (my dad, who was about to arrive soon)
...I think she's talking about Gommy and Poppy until the point she puts on her glasses, then she starts counting...
- One, Two, Five, Six (she's learning to count)
- Doggie Nonny (Doggie [yes, the dreaded Doggie] Night Night)
- Zachary (which is how she says Zaccheaus...which is one of her favorite Bible Stories)
- Cayman watch
- Gossie (which is another one of her books)


Kelly said...

CUTE! What is she saying?

Joy said...

how funny!

Lisa said...

OMG that was precious! I couldn't understand a word of it, but who cares, it was adorable! How long did that go on before you grabbed the camera!?!?!?

Amanda said...

Wow, that's cute. For some reason I was reminded of Anne of Green Gables and "Katie" the window friend.

She was so engrossed in conversation, she appeared not to notice E-man coming to "share".

Love you!