Friday, July 25, 2008

Game night

Patrick and I dusted off the Scrabble board this week and enjoyed doing something different than our normal routine of working out/watching TV/sewing/surfing the net. It was a very interesting game and this was the first time I've ever played Scrabble when every single letter was used. The score was VERY close, where I was down by 3 going into the last round. But, I did play my final letter (M) next to an open "A" to make the word "Ma", which Patrick argued wasn't a proper word. He didn't want to challenge me and he didn't name me the victor. I told him that he can look up the word himself to see if Ma was in the dictionary. So, you tell me, who won?

Good game. Good game.

Updated: I just noticed that "quiet" is misspelled (by me, of course). How did we miss that?


alister and teresa hill said...

"Poison" is mispelled too. :-)

(sorry - I'm picky like that)
(OK - maybe being a little smart-allecky too! :-)

Anyway, Alister's family are fierce Scrabble players! His dad has like an official list of 2 and 3 letter words that are acceptable. I could find it, if you'd like? :-) Probably online somewhere...

I can't tell you how many Scrabble games we played when we lived in Alaska our first year of marriage! We've got a little travel Scrabble as well - the pieces just snap onto the board! Great for those long-haul flights!

Kelly said...

*phew* I'm glad somebody else said it. I didn't want to be the cause of marital disunity ;-) But maybe that will settle who won...