Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just have to say...

I think I'm going to start a new series on things I just have to say, though I'll have to limit myself on this series because I just have to say just about anything.

But, I'm noticing more "Twittering" going on with my friends in the blogging world and I just have to say, WHY? It's just one more thing to subscribe to, one more thing to post about, and one more thing to waste my time. I mean, I already have enough cyber-temptations around to keep me on the computer during all most ALL of my free time. And, do I really need to know who's listening to what music at this exact moment, who's about to mow the lawn, who's about to wash a load of clothes, who's watching a movie, if you think it's a beautiful day, if you're tired, if you're cranky...shall I go on? I just don't get the point.

Also, this new form of communication is just one.more.way. to add to how passive relationships have become these days. For example, I say I keep in touch with many of my long-distance blogger friends, but do I really? I read blogs and comment, but it's such a selfish form of communication. I don't pick up the phone, I don't drop a card in the mail, and I even don't email. It's a shame I've let things get so passive (and that I prefer it!!!) and it definitely hasn't helped me become more open to new relationships. I ask people for an email address rather than a phone number these days!!!! Is it convenient? Yes. Is it reliable? Yes. But it's all made me withdraw into a cyber-tonic (um, it's a new word, K?) way of relationships. I've yet to find a good balance and feel that these "new and improved" ways of communicating are worsening our social skills rather than improving them.

So tell me, what is a benefit of Twitter? Why should I care about it? And why should I think "it's the best" rather "geez, this is so foolish"?

And for those of you who are gasping with hands over mouths, get this: I think the same thing about texting! If I hear one more bleep of a text that interrupts a conversation or see one more family sitting around a table at a restaurant texting their friends rather than talking to each other, then I'll go crazy (I'll have to post about this some other time...).

Anyway, I just had to say it.


Courtney said...

Funny how noone's commented yet ;)

OK, so...I think as long as we're communicating, what's the harm if it's over a computer?

Now, I agree if you're sitting across the table from someone, you shouldn't be texting, or even on the phone - but really who has time nowadays to even do that > sit across the table from someone? Honestly if it's between the hours of 7am and 8:30pm, I am mostly at work then (when I'm lucky!) with my son (and husband). So, when I'm with them I want to just be with them - not on the phone OR computer! If that means I have to shoot a quick email at work or sit down and blog after my sweet one goes to bed (and when it's too late to call anyone anyway) then so-be-it. Most of the time, that's all I can do!

I think it's all kind of a good way to streamline our communication - I actually feel like I keep up with more people now, over the computer of course, then before this whole blogging/texting (which I don't do anyway!) fad began. You can spell-check your messages and not have to deal with a needy kid who is absolutely perfect until the moment you pick up the phone to call someone!

Don't beat yourself up, Melinski, for blogging more than talking. It's OK. If they're a true friend anyway, they know you're busy and quickly typing up an email or blog entry is the best you can do! Or at least that's what I hope my friends think :)

Luv ya!

Melanie said...

I think you and I, C, are alike in many ways when it comes to communicating. And you're right, the streamlining of communication that the internet provides is very easy and convenient. It doesn't give me everything, though, like big Courtney hugs, but it'll have to do for now.

Thanks for the comment. Luv u2.

Kelly said...

"I actually feel like I keep up with more people now, over the computer of course, then before this whole blogging/texting (which I don't do anyway!) fad began."
I'm with courtney here...I have reconnected with so many people over the internet, it's amazing!

I am texting-dopey. I am really slow at it, so I only use it if I know people might be otherwise occupied or sleeping.

And as far as Twitter is concerned, you don't have to subscribe to or sign in to Twitter to read it. You can choose not to read it. Nobody's making you. :-) I just find it entertaining to know those little day to day things about my friends, especially if I can't chat on the phone with them the way I used to. I have it linked up to my startpage on iGoogle, so it gets fed there right next to my blog reader, my calendar, and my inbox.

kara battel said...

hi- i am a blogger now- thanks to you! thanks- talk to you later!