Friday, July 18, 2008

My first creation

Here are pictures of my very first roman shade and rod-pocket valance that I made. They have been installed for a few weeks now and since then, I have made 3 roman shades for Ethan's room (which I'll have to show later; he's currently sleeping).

I wanted to practice a bit before I tackled larger projects like the living room and master bedroom. I bought fabric remnants at $3.99 a yard for both the shade and valance and learned A LOT as I sewed them. The pattern I used is online - free and VERY detailed for those who like details (like me!). It's a great pattern, though you must have patience with it because there are lots and lots of steps. It has detailed instructions on how to make your own pattern, what hardware to buy, how to measure windows, etc. I loved using it, though I'm going to tweak it a little when I make the living room shades. Anyway, it was fun. And I'm lovin' the sewin'.

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Shannon said...

Those came out great!