Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pool Parties on Saturday

We went to two pool parties on Saturday; one party was for our Sunday School class and the other was for one of my girlfriend's kids first birthday. It was both M & E's first experience with pools and, needless to say, they both enjoyed themselves tremendously. Mallory was jumping into the pool (while I was holding her hands, of course) and Ethan just sort of vegged out in a floater.

At the birthday party, Mallory jumped in a trampoline (and she had an "I heart trampolines" look all over her face the entire time she was jumping) and enjoyed a LARGE inflatable water slide, too. It was a child's greatest fantasy.

Good times.

...and a very short video clip

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kara said...

glad that you guys made it out to the party! hope that you had a great time!