Thursday, July 3, 2008


Now, one would think this post will be about our observance of our forthcoming Independence Day. This post is not about how we're observing the 4th of July and it's not a tribute to our country, though that would probably be the patriotic thing to do. Instead, this post is about some observations I have made over the past few days where kids/family are concerned. I just figured I'd write them down, since my first thought after each observance occurred was "I should blog about that".

1. Dinner with Dora
Patrick and I took the kids out to dinner on Sunday. Our intention was to go to dinner and then church, but the kids were so tired and ornery at dinner that I took them home and Patrick went to church. But, I digress. We went to Ruby Tuesdays because I like the salad bar and I knew I could find stuff for Mallory to eat on it. On one of my trips to the bar (yes, there are several trips...), I saw a family that had just been seated, which included four adults, a child about 6 or 7 and another child about the age of Mallory (note the children were outnumbered 2 to 1). In front of the 2-ish aged child sat a portable DVD player with a Dora video running. The 6ish aged child just sat in the booth with her arms crossed while the mom of the 2ish aged child divied out snacks to them both while the adults perused the menu. My first thought (after the one about blogging this) was why must they put the child in front of a TV while going out to eat? I mean, there ARE 4 adults there to entertain the child. And snacks aren't enough? I just thought it was very selfish of the adults and I wonder what kind of table manners the child is (or shall I say ISN'T) learning and, most of all, what does that teach the child about social interaction (or shall I say LACK of interaction)? Anyway, when we left the restaurant, the family's food had arrived and the child's portion actually sat ON TOP of the DVD player while Dora danced on the screen. Shoot me now, but Mallory has NO CLUE who Dora is! I was shocked at the parents of the child. And I felt pity.

2. Cycling 101
Yesterday while I was leaving to go to choir, I was backing out of my driveway when I observed one of the neighborhood teens riding his bicycle. The strange thing was that he was sitting backwards on the bicycle while peddling it forward. My first thought (again, after I had to blog it) was how ridiculous the whole concept was. He could break his neck, especially since he couldn't see where he was going. I mean, MY son will NEVER think to do something like that, right???? RIGHT???? Sheesh, teenage boys!

3. Cereal for Bathing or Eating?
This is observation is more close to home. This morning at the breakfast table, Mallory decided to dump her ENTIRE bowl of cereal onto herself. She hasn't thrown food or dumped things in a while after diligent discipline on my part. But, she looked right at me and dumped her bowl of cheerios, milk and banana onto the table and down the front of her shirt. I was so furious. I mean, she KNEW she was going to get a spanking. History will repeat itself. But, she did it anyway. I just wonder why did she choose to be blatantly disobedient when she knows the repercussions? I could turn this into a real spiritual thing, which I think most of you can grasp, but I'm going to refrain. As a part of her punishment, she had to help clean up the mess, which took forever, but I'm hoping it will instill some more wisdom in her mind about table manners and respecting her mommy (or whoever will make her breakfast in the future). And to further punish her, I didn't allow her to eat the cheerios off the floor, to her dismay. Her childishness reminds me how much responsibility I have in teaching her how to quell the sin in her heart that she will have to constantly battle. Oh God, give me grace and patience to endure this race of parenthood!


Nicole said...

If it makes you feel any better, Emma doesn't know who Dora is either and she has Dora Crocs (a gift).

And Emma still looks at me and does things she knows she shouldn't do. It's painful to see her blatantly sin, for no other reason but she is not good but a sinner...there is no other explanation. I try not to think of it too often, because it hurts my heart, but my children will have to battle the ugliness of sin their whole lives. I pray Jonathan and I will be able to teach them how to look to Christ instead of their own desires.

Eric McCarty said...

Ha! I totally would have taken Dora into Ruby Tuesdays. OK, not really, because Dora is TOO SHORT! My kids would have time to watch the extended version of "The Fellowship of the Ring" before their food came out at Ruby Tuesday. Can you tell we got poor service there last time?

This was a fun post. It's much easier to get philosophical when it's somebody else's kid acting not so well. I probably would have just blown a gasket.

Hey, stop by my new internet startup,, when you get a chance. We're hoping to get a nexus of activity here in JC/TriCities and see it branch out from there. So spread the word!

Kelly said...

I saw something similar the last time David and I went out...the child was far, FAR too old to "need" a DVD player to entertain him. I also found it really distracting to be at the next table with it playing next to me!

Two days ago when we arrived home from the store, Cameron took off on his bike to go around the block, something he is only allowed to do with Dad. He knew he was doing the wrong thing, but the prospect of doing it was sooooo attractive. It's at those times that I try to remember that it's my job to (a)make disobedience VERY unattractive (in his case, he was disciplined and he lost his bike for the rest of the day) and (b) make obedience REALLY attractive. It sounds like you did that, so way to go.