Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some videos

OK, here are some recent videos I've taken of the kids. The first one is of Ethan pulling up. This happened maybe 2 weeks ago and this was actually the very first time he had ever pulled up. He was starting to pull up on this table when I ran and grabbed my camera and I can't believe I got it on video! Now, he's pulling up on everything he can. He's a mobile fella.

This next video is of Mallory and her friend, Kaitlyn, playing Ring around the Rosie. Kaitlyn's and her family live just over a mile from me. Dawn, Kaitlyn's mommy, is a good friend of mine and not only are our daughters the same age (2 months apart), our boys are also the same age (1 month apart). We get together at least once a week to have our kids play. And to give you a little background on the kids, Mallory is a shy little girl who like her space and prefers to play by herself and usually remains distant from a lot of activity. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, LOVES to play with others and loves to play loud. She runs to whereever the most activity is and loves attention from others. Needless to say, their personalities clash quite a bit, but Dawn and I are hoping our children will learn to respect each other and begin to establish a good friendship. As you can see in this video, we're making progress.

PS - Mom, that video I was telling you about on the phone the other day is still on my camera!!! I'll get that posted soon. Love you!!!

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Courtney said...

Well, I wish I could get your videos to play - my work computer blocks a bunch of stuff. Looks like the kiddos have been having fun! And, how nice to find a friend with the same age kids as yours. Have fun and good luck with Mal's shyness. I'm afraid MD will be that way. He's very much an into-his-own-thing kinda kid. Doesn't smile much at other kids. Anyway, take care :)