Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A very special first

I have been on the front row of almost all of Mallory's significant "firsts", like her first solid food, her first tooth, her first smile, her first steps, her first words, etc. Patrick has come to me several times saying "did you see Mallory do/say _____", only for me to say "yes, she's done that before". Well, Patrick was on the receiving end of one of Mallory's very, very special firsts.

Her first "love".

She's said it before with prompting, but last night at the dinner table, she said "I love Daddy". We were both there and both heard it and can both attest that her Daddy was the recipient of that "I love you". Oh, our hearts melted and Daddy felt so very special. There's nothing like the arms of your child around you and I'm sure there's nothing like the declaration of love. I'm patiently awaiting mine :-).


The Kendricks- Tales From Opossum's World said...

What a special moment for you and Patrick. I know his heart just melted:) I can't wait for that day myself. So glad we can all stay connected through our blogs!

Kelly said...


Courtney said...

How very sweet! I too can't wait until the "L" word comes out of MD's mouth - or even just to give me a real hug (without me holding his arms around me!)

Daddys and daughters are such a unique creation. I'm happy for Patrick :)